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See below for information on live performance (or workshop) dates for Mohamed ‘Mo’ Rhymes:

Wednesday 7th October 2015, “ISoc Welcome” (guest performer) @ University of Manchester (UK),7pm

For bookings, please click here.


There are currently no live performances (or workshops) scheduled. Feel free to check out this page again soon.

Past Events:

Saturday 25th June 2015, “MADE in Europe – Ethical Eid Souk” (short reading) @ London Muslim Centre (UK), 2.00pm

Monday 22nd June 2015, “TENT Talks” @ Ramadan Tent, Malet Street Gardens, London (UK), 9.00pm

Saturday 13th June 2015, “We are London” @ Toynbee Hall, Aldgate East, London (UK), 12.00pm

Thursday 28th May 2015, “Hafla!” for Palestine @ Goldsmith University, London (UK), 7.00pm

Thursday 7th May 2015, Crawley WordFest @ Crawley Library (UK), 7.30pm

Saturday 7th March 2015, Poetry Night @ University of Oxford (UK), 6.30pm

Friday 27th February 2015, Black, Bitter and Beautiful: Poets against Brutality @ Goldsmith University (UK), 6.30pm

Tuesday 17 February 2015, Race in 2015 (guest performer) @ London School of Economics (UK),7.00pm

Thursday 12th February 2015, My Journey to Islam (guest performer) @ University College London (UK), 6.30pm

Friday 6th February 2015, Poetry Night @ University of Exeter (UK), 6.30pm

Friday 12th December 2014, An insight into Malcolm X: with Malaak Shabazz (guest performer) @ The Waterlily, London (UK), 6.30pm

Friday 5th December 2014, Farrago Poetry Presents: London SLAM Championship Finals @ The Courtyard Theatre, London (UK), 7.00pm

Friday 28th November 2014, Poetry Night @ Aston University, Birmingham (UK), 7.00pm

Friday 31st October 2014, Charity Week 2014, Evening Showcase & Dinner (guest performer) @ The Royal Banqueting Suite, Birmingham (UK), 7.00pm

Thursday 30th October 2014, Charity Week 2014, Evening Showcase & Dinner (guest performer) @ Wandsworth Civic Suite, London (UK), 6.00pm

Monday 27th October 2014, Poetry SLAM Night @ University of Nottingham (UK), 7.00pm

Thursday 2nd October 2014, Black History Month Launch: Is one month enough?’ (guest performer) @ University of Birmingham (UK), 7.00pm

Saturday 27th September 2014, Cave Collective: Live Lounge @ Rumis Cave, London (UK), 6.45pm

Thursday 25th September 2014, Poetry Luv @ The Proud Archivist, London (UK), 7.00pm

Friday 19th September 2014, Remember Syria: Spoken Word and Visual Arts Night @ The Brady Arts Centre, London (UK), 6.30pm

Saturday 2nd August 2014, #LIFe2014: Variety Show @ Lincolnshire Showground, Main Stage (UK),9.00pm

Saturday 2nd August 2014, #LIFe2014: Young Muslims Poetry Workshop @ Lincolnshire Showground, Marquee (UK), 10.30am

Friday 31st May 2014, Hope ‘N’ Mic Night @ Kobi Nazrul Centre, London (UK), 7.00pm

Friday 28th March 2014, Poetry Night @ Aston University, Birmingham (UK), 6.00pm

Sunday 23rd March 2014, Roads to Refuge: Poetry and Monologues @ The Bikeshed Theatre, Exeter (UK), 7.30pm

Tuesday 11th March 2014, Roads to Refuge: Launch (guest performer) @ Northcote Theatre (Lounge), Exeter (UK), 7.00pm 

Saturday 8th February 2014, Poetry Night 2 @ M&D Room, University of Exeter, Exeter (UK), 6.30pm

Wednesday 30th October 2013, Charity Week 2013, Evening Showcase & Dinner (guest performer) @ Temple of Peace, Cardiff (UK), 6.00pm

Saturday 26th October 2013, Poetry Night: Return of the Mic @ M&D Room, University of Exeter (UK),6.30pm

Saturday 19th October 2013, ACS Presents: Culture Shock Evening @ M&D Room, University of Exeter (UK), 7.00pm

Monday 7th October 2013, UoL ISoc Presents: Freshers Launch (guest performer) @ University of Leeds (UK), 6.30pm

Friday 28th June 2013, FOSIS Annual Conference, 50th (guest performer) @ University of Birmingham (UK), 8.00pm

Friday 12th April 2013, USS Presents: Poetry Night @ SOAS, London, 6.30pm

Saturday 10th November 2012, Poetry Night @ M&D Room, University of Exeter (UK), 6.30pm

Saturday 4th March 2012, Poetry Night @ M&D Room, University of Exeter (UK), 6.30pm

Wednesday 7th December 2011, Poetry Jam @ Mama Stones, Exeter (UK), 7.00pm

Sunday 13th November 2011, Poetry Night @ Coolings, Exeter (UK), 7.30pm

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