Poetry is one of Islam’s creative centerpieces. For Muslims poets in the UK, reviving and celebrating this literary tradition within our faith and sharing it with our communities will improve how Muslims utilise and work in art spaces, particularly this art form. The idea behind this e-network is to mobilise and connect Muslims poets together, to share this art form with our communities and beyond, be confident about stepping into “mainstream” spaces and be comfortable with our identity. This is an e-network open to both page poets and spoken word artists. 

Muslim Poets UK is a e-networking group aiming to connect Muslim poets across the UK with poets, share artists opportunities and promote engagement with the arts industry beyond working in Muslim only spaces.


Muslim Poets UK aims to

  1. Connect local Muslim poets together, especially those who have extensive experience in the arts industry

  2. Raise Awareness of local writing development and performance opportunities

  3. Encourage Muslim poets to engage in local arts (specifically poetry) programmes

  4. Share experiences of writing and performance practices*

  5. Promote sustainable rates for poets and sharing good practices in achieving this


Poets in this e-network will have access to:

- Database of fellow Muslims poets in the UK to connect with
- A list of local, national, international poetry competitions (updated quarterly)
- Recommended list of Poetry Book Publishers (updated quarterly)
- Regular updates on local, national (and international) artists development opportunities (updated quarterly with notification)

If your're an active poet and would like to join this e-Network of Muslim poets across the UK, complete the online form here.